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Boost energy in online meetings

Using energizers in your online meetings to keep your team engaged during a virtual meeting.

Meetings & Workshops
Use energizers in a fun and engaging way
Apply important functions in a mural such as the timer, voting, and icon features
Facilitate a fun energizer that will allow your team to interact and learn more about one another

Nothing is worse than a meeting going south due to lack of energy. Whether your meeting is held first thing in the morning, or right after lunch, a proper energizer can be key to keeping your team engaged and productive. This webinar shows you why an energizer is important, how to incorporate some of the most common features used in a mural, and models examples to get you started. The team models energizers such as “Would You Rather,” “Magic Beanstalks,” and “Draw your Neighbor,” each of which are designed to get your team up and getting to know each other.

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