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Facilitate engaging online meetings and workshops

Facilitators are able to design meeting spaces that invite panelists and audience members to actively engage in meetings.

Meetings & Workshops
Design and construct workspaces for participants that foster engagement
Locate and use MURAL features like the timer, private mode, voting, and icon library in order to diversify participant engagement
Develop a mural that allows panelists and audience members to formulate and evaluate meeting topics in efficient and engaging interaction

Tricia Conyers, Vice President of Learning and Development at Evolve Partners joins Hailey Temple of MURAL to create engaging meeting spaces. There are many platforms within MURAL that give meeting facilitators creative frameworks and templates that develop engaging meeting spaces. These resources include fabricating placemats or workspaces for panelists to construct their answers as well as the ability to either use ‘groupthink’ where all participants can see one another’s ideas or ‘private mode’ where participants’ ideas are kept hidden until it’s time to discuss the results. The participants demonstrate how using icons sketching on touch screen devices help create visually engaging spaces and experiences.

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