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Design digital collaboration spaces

Bringing teams together in virtual workspaces.

Meetings & Workshops
Create a mural that is great for collaborative work
Incorporate media elements to make your mural aesthetically pleasing and engaging
Use key features of MURAL like the outline to keep your meeting running smoothly

One downside of working remotely is the lack of togetherness. Video conferencing apps can’t replicate working together in person. In this webinar, the team models ways to use and create a collaborative mural to bring in elements of in person working to their virtual meeting. They celebrate this week’s wins and identify their desired outcomes for the meeting. They’ll show you how to use the content library and other media to make your mural engaging. You will also see the outline in action to keep your team all on the same page. Using MURAL can help you feel like you’re back at the table with your team again.

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