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Introduce workshop participants to one another

Warm up your team members and set the tone for a great meeting.

Meetings & Workshops
Use warm-ups to introduce your clients, teammates, and customers to MURAL
Identify what type of warm-up is best for your workshop or session
Facilitate your warm-up effectively to keep your participants interested and engaged

The name of the game with warm-ups is comfort. Well facilitated warm-ups will not only get members comfortable with your canvas, but with one another.  In this webinar, you’ll learn how to identify the best type of warm-up to suit the size and complexity of your meeting, how to mold and modify a given warm-up to your digital workspace, and how to use this exercise to get your members as comfortable interacting with MURAL as possible. Mark, Hailey, and Stefan model two examples, both with a template and a blank canvas, to ensure your warm-up is set up for success.

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