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Building creative spaces in remote environments

Interaction and engagement is highly successful when the facilitator prepares the mural well in advance.

Client Engagements
Construct a MURAL workspace based on your audience’s needs
Facilitate a learning environment based on the desired outcome
Organize MURAL templates and frameworks

Preparing a mural  for a meeting or workshop is critical to getting the highest level of achievement, engagement, and retention. Join Kris Lescinsky, Mark Tippin, of MURAL along with Lyla Englehorn, and David Mortimore in constructing a workspace that is user-designed for remote learning takes time and preparation. Part of that preparation is a seven-step process: Purpose, Activities, Templates, Flow, Outline, Time, and Practice. In this Backstage Pass, you will learn how to design a mural with the focus on the first step, purpose.  Having premade content in your icon and content library allows you to rapidly fabricate a MURAL based on user input.

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