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Create digital prototypes

Clarify the user’s journey and prototype solutions.

Design, Research & Analysis
Organize data and insights
Build a prototype using MURAL features
Use MURAL Facilitator Superpowers to guide a group through a session

MURAL’s Mark Tippin and Hailey Temple and members of the MURAL product design team build an extended canvas from the ground up. Mark’s “Alternative Worlds” exercise helps broaden group focus. Hailey communicates a scenario in which a designer uses MURAL’s filtering and search features to retrieve and cluster information, helping quickly synthesize a vast amount of research. Mark and Hailey dive into the MURAL Facilitator Superpowers that best help facilitators guide their group through a remote session. Mark demonstrates adding content from a device with an integrated camera and the product design team uses hand-sketching, shapes, and other MURAL features to visualize the user’s journey and build prototype solutions in a short working session. 

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