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Uncovering customer needs in the sales discovery process

Connecting the dots between designers, sellers, and customers by embracing design thinking.

Strategy & Planning
Define the roles of the strategic seller and user experience designer
Visualize what each says, does, feels, and thinks
Apply insights from the discovery process to develop solutions

Seema Jain, Head of Solution Consulting at MURAL, joins MURAL Enterprise Account Executives Nabil Laoudji and Nichole Lorenz and members of the MURAL community in a virtual sales discovery working session. After a brief warm-up, the team used Empathy Mapping to visualize and articulate the viewpoints of both the Strategic Seller and the User Experience Designer as they uncover customer needs. The session ends with a brief introduction to the journey map, which models the end-to-end experience and helps the design team understand pain points in their prospect’s journey.

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