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Connect concepts and ideas

Using the Mind Mapping method to “empty out your brain,” helping you reflect, learn, plan, and present.

Brainstorming & Ideation
Generate ideas, gain clarity, and stimulate dialogue
Build mind maps individually and collaboratively
Maximize your mind maps with MURAL features

MURAL Learning Experience Lead Emilia Astrom is joined by mind mapping experts Joran Oppelt and Nuno Sobrinho, who demonstrate the Mind Mapping process and its potential applications. A short warmup illustrates MURAL’s shapes and connectors feature and keyboard shortcuts for quickly creating engaging visuals. Joran presents his “Mind Map of Mind Maps,” including past maps for processes, planning, and writing projects. Emilia demonstrates uploading documents to MURAL for project mapping and exporting text for use outside of MURAL. Nuno guides users through a step-by-step Mind Mapping process, branching from central topic or challenge to insights or potential solutions.

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