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Connect concepts with lines and arrows

Build flowcharts and diagrams together in a mural.

Add lines and connectors with a toolbar
Change the properties of lines
Link lines to sticky notes

Why use lines and connectors?

Your team needs to discuss a process or build a journey map. MURAL is the space for your team to collaborate and co-create these diagrams together. You can connect content in the mural to demonstrate the movement and flow through these processes. Our diagramming capabilities allow you to quickly build out flows as you work in real time.

Add lines and connectors

You can add lines and connectors in two ways: the toolbar or with keyboard shortcuts. To add lines and connectors from the toolbar:

  1. In the left toolbar, click the shapes and connectors icon. This opens the options menu.
  2. Select the line or connector you want to add to your diagram.
  3. To connect the line to an object, click one end and drag it to the edge of the object. The line will “magnetize” to your object.
  4. Complete the connection to your second object by clicking and dragging to the second object. Now, these two objects are connected with the line or arrow.

To add lines and connectors with shortcuts:

  1. Hover your cursor over the object you want to connect. 
  2. Hold the C key on your keyboard. Then, click and drag your cursor to the second object you want to connect. The line or connector will snap the two objects together.

Quickly add the same shape to a diagram 

When you add a line or arrow using the “C” shortcut, the suggestion popup now allows you to add the same object as the first choice. It will have the same color, border, and text formatting and size as the previous object.

Formatting lines and arrows

Once you create your lines and connectors, use the formatting menu to change the width, line type, color, and style. Connectors can also be formatted to be straight or curved. Access the formatting menu for the line by selecting the line in the mural.

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Hello there, I'm Hailey Temple and you have ideas to connect in MURAL. So, let me show you how you can use lines and connectors to make that happen. One way to add lines and arrows is the toolbar. So this second icon on the toolbar has a menu that you can click to get a straight line, a straight arrow or a curved arrow. Let's take this straight line, click and drag it to my work here. And now it's connected with this sticky note. Let's say I want to connect it to this neck sticky note. What I'll do is hold down this arrow, drag it over to the sticky note. And now I have two concepts connected together. That's awesome. Let's say I wanted to Use a shortcut, things can work way faster, right? So if I hold down the C key, I get this cursor. And now I can click and drag an arrow, and another and another until I've connected all of my ideas. So no matter where I move these sticky notes, everything will still be connected. Let's say you wanted to change the color of the arrow to a dotted arrow, change direction, change thickness, or change the type of arrow. All of that is possible in mural. So use these lines, arrows connectors to get your work done, and happy collaborating.