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Recovering content in murals

Use the activity log to view the history of changes and recover deleted content.

Identify the activity log in the mural
Recover accidentally deleted content

What is the activity log?

We know collaboration is about revision and iteration, so it’s important to know what changes collaborators made. It’s especially important if a collaborator deletes an important part of the work in a mural. We help you keep track of changes with the Activity Log in a mural. The mural will show the content changes over time.

When a collaborator makes changes to your mural, any object you or one of your team members adds, edits or removes from a mural appears in the Activity Log. It will show you when anyone:

  • Adds, edits, or deletes content from the mural
  • Joins leaves your mural
  • Duplicates and exports your mural

Open and recover content in the activity feed

Missing something in the mural? The MURAL keeps track of any deleted content so you can add it back into the MURAL. Here’s how:

  1. In the mural, click the Activity icon in the top toolbar. This opens the activity log.
  2. Scroll through the activity log. Deleted content appears shaded out in the activity log.
  3. Locate the content you want to recover. To add the content back into the mural, click recover.
  4. The content will reappear on the same spot where it was originally deleted on the mural.

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Hey team. Agustin from MURAL here. And today I wanted to take the time to tell you a bit about one of my personal favorite features, which is the activity log. 

Now, I think it's a great feature because it allows you to see a history of all of the changes that were made to your canvas. And you can easily access it by clicking on the activity button on the top right corner of your canvas. And you'll get that list on the right side of it. 

And as you can see, these are all the changes that were made to my mural, and it also tells me who they were made by. And one very, very cool thing that you can do with the activity log is recover content. So, let's say that maybe this sticky note which was very important for my work was accidentally deleted. 

Well, no problem. Because that sticky note is actually going to show up here in the activity log, and it can simply hit recover. And now that element or any element that I recover will get pulled back to wherever it was on the canvas. 

So, now that you know to use the activity log, you won't have to worry about accidentally losing any content or if a colleague deletes any of it. You can always recover that at any point.