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What is MURAL?

Your digital workspace for visual collaboration.

Describe MURAL to collaborators
Analyze the benefits of MURAL

Solve challenging problems together

Collaboration is about bringing bright minds together to solve problems and innovate. While documents and slides help teams present information, innovation requires creative thinking and approaches. MURAL is a cloud-based application that allows teams to work across locations, time zones, and disciplines to solve these challenges.

You can access MURAL across devices through our web-based application or native apps for Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Why use MURAL?

We’re the leading digital and visual collaboration platform for enterprises, educators, non-profits, and consulting agencies. We’re proud to be:

  • Enterprise proven: scale across thousands of users with best-in-class security and admin features
  • Partners in transformation: become part of a supportive community providing you with impactful learning and transformation expertise
  • Facilitation focused: allowing teams to plan, lead, and sustain impactful workshops and meetings
  • Intuitive features: accessible and simple to use for first-time collaborators while empowering visual experts

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Hello there, I'm Hailey Temple. And let me be one of the first to welcome you to MURAL and answer your questions about it like, "What is MURAL?" Well, remember those moments when you were working with your team, maybe in an office, and you had those a-ha moments. It was maybe a great idea or things just started to come together. Well, MURAL is your digital space to make that kind of work happen. At MURAL, we believe that happens when you use visuals like maps, process flows, diagrams, images that help people align and create a shared meaning. The great part about MURAL is, you can use it, whether you're in an office or around the world. And you can use it across devices. MURAL is an awesome way to work with your teammates, and clients, and customers, to meet your meeting and project goals while having fun.

MURAL's great because you can use it both in your meeting, and before, between, and after meetings. So it plays well with any time you need to work and with other tools. Next, you're probably wondering, "How do I start using MURAL?" Well, you can use MURAL for lots of different things. To get your team aligned, to get organized, get creative, get inspired, present and design, and so much more. We believe that this type of work, what we call at MURAL, imagination work, is limitless. And you can use MURAL for whatever you set your mind to. I'll be here along your journey, as you learn to use MURAL features, learn best practices, and functionality that make your imagination work possible. I'll see you in MURAL.